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5 Great Reasons to Study in Ukraine for International Students
Medical students during practicals


There are vasts reasons to want to come to Ukraine to study, but we will mention the significant ones.

1. Low Tuition fees

School fees in Ukrainian higher educational institutions are much lower than in other European, North American universities and Eastern Europe.

This is a good way to avoid huge debts incurred from student loans, however, you only pay for the invitation letter and the services the agency provides, but in most cases, the money you have to pay will only be paid after arriving in Ukraine. So your money is safe.

2. Quality Education

Many Universities in Ukraine have a partnership signed with other countries like the USA, Canada, Switzerland, and other European Universities where students can have their internships done.

Medical students in Particular pass through two different sets of intense exams called KROK 1 & KROK 2 which compels intense and in-depth studies. They also spend a lot of time in hospitals for practicals with real patients. Students compensate for their absence from classes by reworking the missed lessons, which are mandatory.

Medical students during practical
Medical students during practicals

3. Global Recognition

Degrees and certificates from accredited universities in Ukraine are recognized globally. For instance, there are thousands of students studying medicine in Ukraine the medical degree is recognized globally by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB (UK), USMLE(USA), NMA(Nigeria) & other international bodies.

This also applies to other courses studied in Ukraine.

4. Ease of Registration in Ukrainian University

Admission into a Ukrainian University is one of the easiest in Europe. The entire process is based on having the right Academic requirements and of course the Financial aspect as well.

International students do not need to pass any internationally recognized exams like TOEFL & IELTS before they can be registered into Ukrainian higher educational institutions.

Intakes to Study in Ukrainian Universities occurs twice a year, September and January academic sessions.

5. Possibility of obtaining a Permanent Residence(PR) status

All foreign students who have completed their academic studies not only have the opportunity to work in Ukraine afterwards, but they also can live there legally as permanent residents.

If you are considering whether to study in Ukraine, you can use this as a reference to make up your mind. You won’t regret it!

Do you want to study in Ukraine and don’t know where to begin, read the article about requirements to study in Ukraine?

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