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Best Places to Stay in Kyiv: Budget options for all travelers
Best Places to Stay in Kyiv: Budget options for all travelers


If you are looking for where to stay in Kyiv and you are on a budget then you are in the right place, this article would talk about the best locations to stay whether you are a seasoned traveller or a newbie.

All Travellers have to deal with the issue of finding decent accommodation within Kyiv. Most Tourists rent accommodation only to spend a few days or even a night, so do not need something luxurious.

Best Areas to Stay are:

  1. Podil – Great Location for Tourists! Located here are Monasteries, churches, and museums. There is so much to see that you might never want to leave.
  2. Shevchenkivskyi – If this is your first time in Kyiv, then this location is the best for you. The well known Golden gate, St. Sophia, St. Michael’s Golden dome and Maidan Nezalezhnosti(Independence Square) can be found here.
  3. Bessarabka – The best place to stay to enjoy the Nightlife.
  4. Percherskyi – Where to stay in Kyiv if you are on a budget. A lot of ex-pats love this location, this could be because it is the Business and Political centre of Kyiv.
  5. Borshchahivka – The best place to stay for those relocating to Ukraine with a family.

There are several options where you can stay in Kyiv:

  1. Hostel
  2. Hotel.
  3. Rental Apartment


Budget Hostels

  1. Ukraine invites group of Hostels. A great option for students who want to live with fellow students. All our hostels are located in the city centre near the metro stations.
  2. CT Hostel(Cool Traveller). Located near the Central Railway station.
  3. Kyiv-art Hostel
  4. A- Hostel
  5. International Youth Hostel.
    Ukraine invites group of Hostels
    Ukraine invites group of Hostels
    Cool Traveller Hostel
    Cool Traveller Hostel

    Ukraine invites group of Hostels
    Ukraine invites group of Hostels


High-end Luxury Hotels in Kyiv

There are just a few hotels in Kyiv that offer Luxurious, stunning with a 5-star ratings. They include:

  1. Hilton Kyiv
  2. HYATT Regency Kyiv
  3. Premier Palace Hotel
  4. InterContinental Kyiv
  5. Radisson SAS Hotel

    HYATT regency Hotel
    HYATT Regency hotel

Mid-range Kyiv Hotels

  1. Bratyslava Hotel
  2. Andryyvs’ky Hotel
  3. Salute Hotel
  4. City Apartments Kyiv
  5. Ukraine Hotel

    intercontinental Hotel
    Intercontinental Hotel Kyiv

Rental Apartments

If your Budget Permits, you can rent a flat in Kyiv. To find a suitable option, use special sites like the ones below:

  1. Bird App – it collects ads from 24 different real estate rental platforms, including DOM.RIA, Country.ua, OLX, Rieltor.ua, 100rielty.ua & others.
  2. Kyiv Apartments
  3. Airbnb

Apartment rental rates are on the high side in Kyiv when compared to other cities in Ukraine, however, you can still find something reasonable that’s within your budget.

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