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Cost Of Living In Ukraine
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Have you ever wondered why Ukraine has become the new Mecca for Foreigners? Especially for international students seeking quality and affordable lifestyles.

We did a little research to know the reason why Ukraine, Kyiv especially is drawing a lot of attention when it comes to foreigners visiting the country.


One way ticket (metro)  ₴8

Monthly pass(regular price) ₴350

Taxi(UBER, BOLT, UKLON) Start fee ₴50

Gasoline(1l) ₴28.73

Kyiv transportation
kyiv metro transportation

Utilities(per month)

Basic(electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage)  ₴2000-5000

Internet(unlimited data) ₴135-200

Mobile tariff local (e.g. life cell, plan) ₴100

Markets(grocery shopping)

Milk(1 L)  ₴28.30

Rice(brown) ₴29

Egg  ₴40

Chicken fillets(1Kg) ₴106.85

Beef round(1Kg) ₴150-300


Apple, Banana & Oranges 1Kg  ₴20-60


Potato 1 kg ₴20-60

Tomato 1 kg ₴7-24

Cabbage, Onion ₴5-20

Bottle of water(0.33l) ₴9-30

Local Beer(0.5l) ₴15-28

Imported beer(0.33l) ₴25-56

Cigarettes 20 pack ₴50-60

Sports & Leisure

Fitness club(monthly fee)Adult ₴300-1,500

For students(with student card) ₴250

Cinema 1 seat ₴100-200. There are also discounts for students

fitness club in Ukraine
Fitness club

Rent (per month)

Apartment in the city center(1 bedroom) ₴13,000-20,000

Apartment outside the city center(1 bedroom) ₴7,500,-14,000

Hostel(Daily rent) from ₴100

Rent in Kyiv on average is 81% lower than in New York based on statistics from Numbeo

Nightlife: Clubs & Bars. It’s safe to walk in the city centre at night


Kindergarten/preschool, full-day private monthly fee for 1 child ₴9,000-20,000

Public Kindergarten monthly fee for 1 child (including extracurricular activities) ₴1,000-2,700

International Primary school private(1 child) yearly ₴150,000-400,000

Public Primary School (1 child) (including Extracurricular activities)yearly ₴30,000-50,000

Kyiv primary school
kyiv public school

The supermarkets where you can shop includes

Auchan, ATB, Varus, Fora, Novus, Epicenter etc.

The cost of living in Ukraine generally is affordable when compared to other European countries, also the prices are variable depending on your preferences.

Do you think living in Kyiv is Expensive?

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