Faculties / Institutes

Health Science

Health Science

General Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy


International Law

Oil & Gas Faculty

Oil and Gas Engineering , Geology

Postgraduate Faculties

(All courses available at Undergraduate level of studies are available at postgraduate level as well)

Educational and Research

Educational and Research, Institute of Telecommunications Systems (its)

  • Telecommunications Technologies and facility
  • Telecommunications system and networks
  • Information communication Networks
Educational and Scientific complex

Educational and Scientific complex “Institute for applied system analysis (IASA)

  • Informatics: Social informatics
  • System Analyst: System analysis and management, systems and methods of Decisions-making

Computer Sciences: Artificial Intelligence systems, system Design, Information Technologies of design

Faculty of Applied Mathematics (FAM)

Faculty of Applied Mathematics (FAM)

Applied Mathematics: Applied Mathematics

Computer Engineering: Computer systems and networks, System programming, Specialized computer systems

Program Engineering: Systems software, Software Engineering

Faculty of Informatics and computer science (FICS)

Faculty of Informatics and computer science (FICS)

Computer Sciences: Information Management systems and Technologies, Software Engineering

Systems Engineering: Computerized control systems and Automatics, Computerized and robotic systems

Computer Engineering: Computer systems and networks

Faculty of Electronics (FE)

Faculty of Electronics (FE)

Micro- and Nanoelectronics: Micro and nanoelectronic devices and equipment, Physical and Biomedical electronics

Electronic Equipment and systems: electronic devices and systems, electronic systems

Radio Electronic Equipments: Radio electronic equipment and facilities

Acoustic Technics: Acoustic facilities and systems, Medical acoustic and Bioacoustics devices and equipment, Audio-, Video, and cinema technics

Telecommunications: Telecommunication systems and networks

Faculty of Radio Engineering (FRE)

Radio Engineering: Radio Electronic devices, systems, and complexes

Radio communications, Radio, and television broadcasting equipment

Radio Electronic Equipments: Biotechnical and medical Equipment and systems

The intelligent technology of Microsystems radio-electronic engineering

Institute of Physics and Technology (IPhT)

Applied Physics

Applied Mathematics

Information and communication systems Security: Information and communication systems security

Systems of Technical Protection of the information, Automation and its processing

Faculty of Heat and Power Engineering (FHPE)

Heat and Power Engineering: Heat Power Plants, Thermal Physics

Nuclear Power Engineering

  • Power Engineering: Boilers and Reactors
  • Automation and computer integrated Technologies

Computer Sciences: Information technology design, Computer-based environmental and economic monitoring

Software Engineering: System Software

Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics (FEPEA)

Electric Power Engineering and Electric Technologies

Electric Power stations

Electric power systems and Networks

High voltage Engineering and electro physics

Control system of electric power generation and distribution

Nontraditional and Renewable energy sources

Electromechanics: Electromechanical automation systems and electric drive, Electric machine and equipment

Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IME)

Applied Mechanics: Dynamics and solidity of Machines

Engineering Mechanics: Technology of Engineering, Metal cutting Machines, and systems, Tool Production, Metal processing under special technologies, Hydraulics machine, Hydraulic drives and Hydraulic and pneumatic automatics

Faculty of Aircraft and Space Systems (FASS)

Metrology, Information and Measurement Technologies

Aircraft and Rocket Engineering: Aircraft and Helicopters

Avionics: Aircraft and complexes control systems

Faculty of Chemical Engineering (fChE)

Ecology, Environmental Protection and well balanced exploitation of natural resources

Chemical Technology of Timber and vegetable matter processing Engineering: – –

  • Forestry Equipment
  • Equipment for chemical productions and construction material plants

Engineering Mechanics

  • Packaging machine and technology
  • Automation and computer integrated technology
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (FPhM)



Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (FBE)

Computer sciences: Information Management systems and technology

Device Engineering: Medical devices and systems

Human Health: Physical rehabilitation, Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics(FBB)

Machine Engineering: Equipment of pharmaceutical and biotechnological productions

Biotechnology: Industrial Biotechnology, Molecular Biotechnology Ecological Biotechnology and Bioenergetics

Faculty of Linguistics (FL)

Philology: Translation

Faculty of Sociology and Law (FSL)


Social work: Administrative Management, Social work, Science of Law

Faculty of Management and Marketing (FMM)

Economic Cybernetics

International Economics

Economics of Enterprise

  • Marketing


  • Management of Organizations and administration
  • Management of Foreign Economic activity
  • Management of innovative activity