How It Works

For Invitation Letter

@ UkraineInvites, we simplify the process of obtaining any type of Invitation letter from the appropriate Ukrainian authorities. Here are the steps to follow:


Since these are broad services, we invite you to visit our office here in Kyiv or call us so that we can guide you further on how to go about the different services. We can always navigate you through the murky waters of tourism in Ukraine when we sit down one on one located in the heart of the city. Do not forget, our services are affordable and are designed to make you enjoy your trip here in Kyiv and not to cause you any more pain. Call us and see the difference yourself

(2). The following Information of the applicant should be sent as a message to our WhatsApp chat here

  • First Page of the International passport of the applicant
  • Type of Invitation Letter
  • Duration you want for the Invitation letter (e.g. 30, 60 or 90 days)
  • The postal address to send the Invitation letter whenever it is ready

(3). Payment

If you are ordering the Invitation letter from within Ukraine, you can pay directly on our Privat bank card through any Privat bank terminal. If you are ordering outside Ukraine, you can make direct bank deposit (Nigeria only) or other money transfer methods like Western Union or Moneygram.

(4). Collecting your IV Letter 

It takes an average of 2-7 days for you to collect your Invitation Letter depending on your location. For orders within Ukraine, it takes 2 days and we deliver by Nova Poshta. For orders outside Ukraine, it takes about 7 days and we use any of DHL, EMS or FEDEX. Before sending the IV, we will send you a scanned copy of it to your E-mail address and after sending it a tracking code will be sent to you in order to monitor the delivery.

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