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Explore Kiev, Ukraine

A Ukraine Tour Guide in different packages makes it suitable for individuals and families to visit KYIV, Ukraine.

Kyiv, Ukraine has one of the tourist attraction centers in the world, the food, culture, weather, safety, and hospitality.

Explore romantic stops like Tunnel of Love, Monument centers, parks, historic mountains, and enjoy the memories afterward.

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Tunnel of Love

Klevan, Ukraine

This beautiful natural train tunnel is said to grant the wishes of visiting lovebirds. 

Local legend has it that couples who visit the tunnel will be granted a wish, provided their intentions are sincere.

Tunnel of Love has been a favorite place for couples to take walks and right now is the best time to visit here.

Going on a Romantic walk here gives a long-lasting memory and makes you feel the beauty of Nature

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Holodomor Victims Memorial

Kyiv, Ukraine

SET ON THE BANKS OF the Dnieper river in lush parkland is a hauntingly beautiful memorial to a horrific episode in history, the Holodomor. Entering the park past the guardian stone Angels of Sorrow, visitors can hear quiet but clear chimes, and your eye is drawn to the soaring Candle of Memory memorial atop the underground Hall of Memory.

The museum is situated near the Kyev Pechersk Lavra. The museum is easily accessible by public transport, the closest metro station is Arsenalna Station. 

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'Monument of the Third Angel' Chernobyl, Ukraine

The Chernobyl


The biblical sculpture honors those who lost their lives, homes and communities to the Chernobyl disaster.

A LONELY ANGEL STANDS AT the entrance to Chernobyl’s ‘Wormwood Star Memorial Complex,’ a trumpet pressed to his lips in a silent song. The sculpture, created by Ukrainian artist Anatoly Haidamaka, is a poignant tribute to those who perished in one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters.

The name of Haidamaka’s monument refers to a local folk belief, which became popular in the region after the disaster, and was rooted in a passage from the Biblical New Testament (Revelation 8:10-11):

ven amongst so many other monuments to the disaster, Haidamaka’s angel stands out as a profoundly human tribute to Chernobyl’s lost communities.

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Abandoned City of Pripyat

Pripyat, Ukraine

The ghost town left by the worst nuclear disaster of all time is being taken over by nature and urban explorers. 

WHEN ONE THINKS OF CHERNOBYL, a vacation spot is certainly not the first thing to come to mind. However, more than three decades after the terrible reactor meltdown, tours of the contaminated towns surrounding the infamous reactor are gaining in popularity.

Over three decades later, this ghost town is a freeze-frame of the Soviet Union in 1986. Communist propaganda still hangs on walls, personal belongings litter the streets and abandoned buildings. 

The hammer and sickle decorate lampposts, awaiting May Day celebrations that never took place. Toys are strewn about a schoolhouse where they were last dropped by children who are now fully grown. All clocks are frozen at 11:55, the moment the electricity was cut.

Kyiv Monastery of the Caves and Microminiature Museum

Kyiv, Ukraine

This 1000 year old relic-filled cave monastery and UNESCO World Heritage Site also hosts an amazing micro-miniature museum.

Also known as the Kyiv Monastery of the Caves, first and foremost it is a historic Orthodox Christian monastery, built on top of a massive series of tunnels. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the one of the largest museums in Kyiv with many sub-museums held within it.

Among the museums in the above-ground complex are the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine, a book and print history museum, a museum of Ukrainian folk art, a theater and film arts museum and the state historical library, but by far the strangest and most curious of the museums is the microminiature museum.

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