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I just want to say: “Come to Ukraine, enjoy our hospitality, landscapes, wonderful climate and create for yourself one of the most memorable adventures in your life!”
Welcome to Ukraine 🇺🇦  


Transportation in Kyiv, Ukraine

How to get around in Kyiv Kyiv City can be navigated by Metro, Taxis, Buses(Mashrutkas), Trams, Minibuses, Scooters, and Bikes. Public Transport works from 6-7

Saint Volodymyr's cathedral

St Volodymyr’s Cathedral

11-th Century Orthodox Church and museum. St Volodymyr’s Church is a cathedral in the centre of Kyiv, built between 1862 and 1896. The colourful interior

travel agency in kyiv

Cost Of Living In Ukraine

Have you ever wondered why Ukraine has become the new Mecca for Foreigners? Especially for international students seeking quality and affordable lifestyles. We did a