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News Update: Know What is Happening in Ukraine
News Update: Know What is Happening in Ukraine


Top Headlines for the Week

  1. 33-year-old Peter Margarint from Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, Odessa region became a world champion in arm wrestling which was held in Bucharest, Romania.
  2. Dozens of red pairs of women’s shoes and children’s toys were placed on the Potemkin staircase in Odessa as activists are calling on the government to pay attention to child abuse in society.
  3. Joe Biden warns Vladimir Putin against any invasion in Ukraine with the full backing of NATO and the EU.
  4. President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced his ambitious plan to plant one billion, trees across the country in the next three years.
  5. In Ukraine, anti-vaxxers and fake vaccine certificates fuel the COVID-19 crisis.
  6. Health minister Viktor Lyasko states that at the moment the New coronavirus strain” Omicron” has not been detected in Ukraine.
  7. Kyiv is now in the yellow zone.
  8. Yurii Akhrameiko asks the president to completely abolish the quarantine “senseless” mask regime and vaccinations backed up with 25,000 votes from the public.
  9. Kyiv Top Businessman Rinat Akhmetov has been questioned in connection with his involvement in plotting a coup d’état.
  10. Near Chernihiv, a truck rammed a minibus, 11 people died and 8 were injured.