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News Update: Know what is happening in Ukraine


What is Happening in Ukraine?

Excerpts from President Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech from the annual address to the Verkhovna Rada.

  1. He promised to submit a bill on Dual Citizenship for Ukrainians living abroad. In his words” This is a sign of civilized countries”.

  2. He signed a decree on the strategy for the development of the justice system, also vowing to improve the activities of the country’s legal institutions

  3. He initiated a bill on the economic passport of a Ukrainian. This means that the tax received from Natural resources in Ukraine will be transferred to accounts of children of Ukrainian citizens, with these savings the children will be able to get an education, buy an electric car or buy real estate.

  4. A new airport will be built in Every city in Ukraine, including eastern Ukraine and Transcarpathia.

  5. Ukrainians vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 will soon be able to receive 1,000 UAH from the state. This will be through the Diia application.

  6. Starting next year, there will be Body cameras in every patrol police unit and the police officer must turn them on when communicating with citizens.

  7. The minimum salary in Ukraine is now 6,500 UAH

  8. Doctors in Ukraine will receive at least twenty thousand hryvnias from January 1.