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Transportation in Kyiv, Ukraine


How to get around in Kyiv

Kyiv City can be navigated by Metro, Taxis, Buses(Mashrutkas), Trams, Minibuses, Scooters, and Bikes.

Public Transport works from 6-7 am till 11-12 pm depending on type and destination. Peak hours are around 8-9 am and 5-7 pm at this time it becomes crowded, and it’s a good time to keep an eye on your valuables, so they don’t get stolen.

Metro System

Kyiv Metro is one of the most affordable, most reliable, fast, and convenient means of getting around the city.

Payment: Metro Tickets(called “Zheton” in Ukrainian) costs UAH 8 ($0.27). It is valid for one trip with the possibility to change lines.

You can buy this ticket from the cashier(“Kassa” in Ukrainian)at the entrance. Also, you could get a monthly ticket with magnetic tape(UAH 150-300).

cashier "kassa"

There are three Metro lines (M1- Red, M2 –Blue, and M3-Green). We encourage tourists to use the metro while exploring the city since the lines go through the city centre.

Every station is announced by a speaker in English and Ukrainian, as well as screens showing current and next stations.

Working hours: 6 am-12 pm

       There are three more cities in Ukraine with Metro stations

Marshrutka(Bus, Minibus)

They are Privately owned buses, and it is one of the popular ways of getting around the city by Locals.

To check routes and track movement of Marshrutkas use the Moovit Mobile App.

Payment: from UAH 10 -30 depending on your destination. (Paid only in cash).

How to pay: Pay the driver directly or pass the money to the nearest passenger who will then pass it to the driver. Keep an eye on your change!

To get Off in the right place, just shout “Na Zupyntsi, Bud laska” or “Na astanovke”

Mashrutka stop

 Trolley Bus/Tram

Regions that cannot be covered by metro can be reached by trolleybuses and trams if you don’t want to use a taxi.

To find the best Route, use Moovit mobile App.

Payment: UAH 8 per ticket, paid only in cash. Just pay directly to the driver or conductor. Do not forget to validate your ticket by punching a hole using small punchers attached to a post, failure to do so might get you into paying a fine if caught by a ticket inspector.

Note that this form of transportation can be very slow.


Taxi services in Kyiv are represented by numerous taxi companies. To get a good service experience, we would like to recommend Uklon, Uber, and Bolt.

The traditional taxi companies can also be used, however, they have their shortcomings like the need to make a phone call to book a taxi or the booking operator speaks the local language only.

Bolt taxi in Kyiv

Nonetheless, if you want to book a traditional taxi, try one of these

  • Pink Taxi(driven by ladies only)
  • Elite Taxi
  • Taxi902

Note that hailing a taxi on the street is not a good option.

Scooters and Bikes

Unlike Taxis, Scooters, and Bikes are relatively cheap, environmentally friendly, and are not affected by heavy traffic. Hundreds of Bikes and scooters are scattered across Kyiv, available to grab.

Try one of these scooters

  • Bolt (Renting bolt is about UAH 1.9 per minute)
  • Scroll(Renting scroll is about UAH 4 per minute)
  • Kiwi(same as Bolt)
  • Jet

Using electric scooters and bikes in Kyiv require you downloading the App, scanning the QR codes, and of course, attaching a credit card for payment.

Jet Scooter
Available bikes are
  • Bikenow (most popular)
  • Velokratia
  • Bikemotive

Tourists can use our Tour guide service to get around Kyiv.