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Ukraine Travel Tips – Arriving at the Airports in Kyiv (Kiev)


Ukraine has several points of entry and the Airports still remain the most commonly used entry point for most travelers from Western European countries and the United States.

Ukraine has several points of entry and the Airports still remain the most commonly used entry point for most travelers from Western European countries and the United States. Kyiv has 2 major International Airports;

1. The Borispol International Airport

2. The Zhulyany International Airport.


The Borispol International airport is located farther away from the Kyiv (Kiev) city center than the Zhulyany Airport. There are safety precaution to take once you are done with the Passport control and the immigration officers. It is very likely that you will be confronted with an army of taxi drivers who will want to take advantage of your naivety of a non-english speaking country like Ukraine. Most often than not, the prices of such airport taxis are usually above the normal price charged. In such a situation, you might want to go for the options below

  1. Go for the Sky buses: These are airport buses usually located outside the airport. They are not expenses and you can get them as little as 50 uah ( about $2). Before you leave the airport, it is advisable you exchange some hard currencies with you to the local Ukrainian currency (Hryvnia) within the airport. A video of where the exchange is located in the airport can be seen in our video below.


The sky buses leave every  20-25 minutes depending on which time of the day is. At time, the frequency reduces and it may take up to an hour interval for the bus arrival. The only dismerit with this option apart from the inconvenience of entering a bus with your luggage is the fact that the Sky buses do not get to the city center. Your best bet is to get down at the Kharkivska metro station and then find your way either by connecting with the metro or taking a roadside taxi from there, which is likely to be cheaper since you would have been out of the airport. You may also want to get to  Pivdenny railway station with the Sky bus if your destination is closer there than the former.

2. A second option may just be to instal either a Uber or Uklon App on your smart phone and order a taxi directly from the airport. Average price of a Uber trip from the Airport to the city center is about 400 uah (about $16). This option is not without its own problem. You might have to call the driver (who may not even speak english or sometimes very little english) in order for you to know the location of your taxi since airport officials will not allow such taxis too close to the airport.

In all of these different transport options, we will advise you to keep your belongings very safely as there has been an increase in theft in Kyiv in the last 4 years or thereabout.


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