Work In Ukraine

@Ukraineinvites, we are providing employment solutions for foreigners who will like to work in a dignified workplace in Ukraine and get paid according to your skills and talents

How does this work?


There is a big divide between the employers of Ukrainian jobs and the employee who is a foreigner. Most Ukrainian employers find it difficult employing foreigners in their workplaces for a number of reasons some of which include Language barrier, Tax, and other governmental red tapes


We simplify the process of employment for foreigners living in Ukraine by getting in contact directly with the employers of labour on behalf of our clients.

Terms & Conditions


(1) To apply for available job spots in Ukraine, kindly send a copy of your CV to our official email address; and we will let you know if your application is accepted by the employers and the job requirements needed to succeed at the work place.


(2) We post available jobs on our facebook page so you can simply specify which job on our post you are interested in


(3) When we get your CV, you enter into our pool of applicants and during this period we try and match you with interested employers. Once you are accepted for any job, we will commence the process of training (Virtually or in our office) so that you can match up with the requirement of the job.